This time, INK has been Greenlit!


Once again, thank you for all the support! For the second time, I’ve been part of a game that got Greenlit. If you don’t know much about INK yet, here’s a bit of background:

INK was created by Zack Bell as a late submission to Ludum Dare 32, but quickly turned into a small side project that he worked on for three weeks and then uploaded on for a couple of bucks. He also uploaded the source code to the GameMaker Marketplace, which is something he has been doing as a way to teach the community about game development. Here are some links to both of those places where you can find INK:



About three weeks ago, Zack talked to me and asked me if I could put INK on Greenlight, since I already have the pass from SUPER III’s campaign. I agreed and also told him I’d make a trailer for the game, in order to improve his chances of getting Greenlit, as well as organized the images and description for the Greenlight page, since I already had experience with it. Well, INK got Greenlit in only 19 days! This time around it was slightly easier for a couple of reasons: Zack’s community is a lot bigger now and the number of votes needed to get Greenlit has decreased significantly. Let’s show some numbers and contrast them with SUPER III’s numbers.

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Tips when planning a Kickstarter campaign

As I approach the launch of my first Kickstarter campaign, I have a few tips I thought I’d share that should be taken into consideration when planning your own campaign. I will consider making a part two for this post after the campaign is over with everything I learned from it. These are things that I may have known before I started the campaign, but either overlooked or underestimated the time it would take to get them done. This is intended to be a short post, as I am getting ready for a very long trip (30+ hours of travel!) and I’m only a few days away from my campaign’s launch, so pretty busy at the moment!

Anyway, here are the tips:

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Kickstarter Planning – Part 2

This is the second part in the Kickstarter Planning series. To read the first part, just visit this link: Kickstarter Planning – Part 1

It’s been two weeks since I posted the first part of this series and I have done a lot of work towards my Kickstarter campaign, which has taken time away from updating the website. I apologize for that. There are still a lot of things I have learned over the past month that I want to share, but I figured I should first finish the section about Lobster’s guide. For reference, I will post the link again below:

A Lobster’s Guide for Video Game Projects on Kickstarter

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Kickstarter Tool – Rewards Planner

As a follow up to my previous post (Kickstarter Tool – Goal Calculator), this is the second tool I created and used while planning my Kickstarter campaign. I wanted a quick and easy way of organizing my rewards and plan my tiers while assessing costs and actual value of the items in each tier. The idea is to have costs that are within the project’s budget while also giving people items that have a higher value than the actual pledge. Here’s an example of what the tool looks like:

Kickstarter Rewards Planner

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Kickstarter Tool – Goal Calculator

While planning my Kickstarter campaign, I have been creating “Tools”, mostly on spreadsheets, to do some necessary number-crunching. I will be posting all these tools as I make a prettier, more generalized version, of them. The first one I decided to clean up a bit was the one I used to calculate what my project’s goal should be, taking into account Kickstarter and Amazon payment fees, taxes, etc. Here’s what the tool looks like:

Kickstarter Goal Calculator

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Kickstarter Planning – Part 1

There are a lot of things I wanted to talk about first, but as I said in my Introduction Post, I will talk about the projects I’m currently working on.

“I will give a step-by-step explanation of everything I will do to plan my KS campaign”


So what have I been up to these past couple of days? Planning a Kickstarter campaign. I’ve heard a lot about Kickstarter (KS from now on) success stories which are super motivating and made me want to go down this path to fund my new project, SUPER III. Problem is, I’ve heard even more horror stories that happen when people don’t have a good KS plan, so I want to write a series here where I will give a step-by-step explanation of everything I will do to plan my KS campaign and either reach our funding goal or fall short. In both cases, keeping a detailed guide of what I did will be extremely insightful when pursuing your own campaign in the future, either by learning from my mistakes or by using my campaign preparation as a guideline for yours.

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