This time, INK has been Greenlit!


Once again, thank you for all the support! For the second time, I’ve been part of a game that got Greenlit. If you don’t know much about INK yet, here’s a bit of background:

INK was created by Zack Bell as a late submission to Ludum Dare 32, but quickly turned into a small side project that he worked on for three weeks and then uploaded on for a couple of bucks. He also uploaded the source code to the GameMaker Marketplace, which is something he has been doing as a way to teach the community about game development. Here are some links to both of those places where you can find INK:



About three weeks ago, Zack talked to me and asked me if I could put INK on Greenlight, since I already have the pass from SUPER III’s campaign. I agreed and also told him I’d make a trailer for the game, in order to improve his chances of getting Greenlit, as well as organized the images and description for the Greenlight page, since I already had experience with it. Well, INK got Greenlit in only 19 days! This time around it was slightly easier for a couple of reasons: Zack’s community is a lot bigger now and the number of votes needed to get Greenlit has decreased significantly. Let’s show some numbers and contrast them with SUPER III’s numbers.

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SUPER III Got Greenlit!


First of all, I have to say, THANK YOU! Thanks to everyone that supported us with our project by voting on it on Steam, as well as those who helped share our posts on Twitter and Facebook. It really means a lot to us to be given this opportunity. We were really not expecting this, since the game lot a bit of momentum after the Kickstarter didn’t reach its goal, but it’s good to know there are still people out there who care about small indie games.


Now, I’d like to make a small post-mortem of what I learned from planning and running this Greenlight campaign.

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