High Concept

A 2D side view turn-based tactical game involving two players, representing themselves as space tanks, testing their skills of precision to come out on top.



Spanks is a game of competition between two sides developed in my first semester at DigiPen Institute of Technology. Each player takes up a space tank and directs the actions of their tank in a turn-by-turn arena by selecting where they want to move, where they want to shoot, and how hard their projectile ought to be fired, in an asteroid-filled environment. The bullet will have an impact zone and any player caught within the zone will take a proportional amount of damage equal to their proximity to the explosion. The objective is to destroy the opponent’s space tank before he can take out yours.


  • Two-Player turn-based strategy game
  • Precision (and some luck) is essential to defeat your opponent
  • Six different arenas to test your skills
  • Bend your bullets around asteroids gravity fields to surprise your enemy
  • Teleport to another asteroid to gain a better vantage point
  • Developed using DigiPen’s ProjectFUN game engine

Halfway through our first semester at DigiPen, we had already learned the basics of how to use ProjectFUN, a proprietary game engine developed by the university. We were later instructed to form teams and collaborate to make a game. After our team was formed, we had a few ideas of games we wanted to develop, but after a few ideas were thrown out, we decided to go with a multiplayer game, similar to Worms, but in space. This addition led to the rise of one of our main mechanics: bullets are affected by gravity fields. After a few tests and iteration, we decided we also needed a way to traverse this field, which is how we came up with the teleport shot, which isn’t affected by gravity to make it possible to escape an attack. As this was our first game project experience, we obviously thought about adding a ton of features, but later learned the reality of this industry, which is that features always get cut to meet deadlines. In the end, we kept the bare bones experience, stripped of all the bells an whistles, and managed to ship a fun game that we were proud of.

My contributions to the game were:

  • Designed the game and mechanics
  • Created all the assets for the UI
  • Designed the UX and coded it into the game
  • Created all 6 levels in the game
  • Contacted artists and got the art resources we needed for the game

Download all screenshots as .zip (365KB)


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Michael Chambers
Lead Programmer
Alejandro Hitti
Matt Williams
Andres Nelson
Character Designer
Karin Martin

Currently I am in the process of getting Spanks into the DigiPen Game Gallery. I will post the link as soon as it is uploaded.