High Concept

A fast paced 2D action-platformer where landing jumps is just as important as landing blows with your sord.



Frog lives on the outskirt of a small town where he is picked on for being different. Nobody likes Frog because Frog is a frog.
One day Frog overhears an old woman’s story about a frog being turned into a handsome prince by the kiss of a princess. Seeking acceptance and a better life, Frog seeks out an old sord deep in the forest. He’s determined to rescue a princess and earn a kiss.

FROG SORD is a hardcore platformer, but with less emphasis on pixel perfect jumps and more on timing multiple button presses. Frog is able to slash his Sord to attack enemies and clear obstacles. He also has an 8-way dash that works similar to a double jump, giving him more movement freedom and control while in mid-air. Mastering these two techniques is essential to complete levels and help Frog rescue his princess for a chance of a True Love’s Kiss.


  • Fast paced 2D action platformer that will make your feel rewarded! Or frustrated…
  • Get more control of your character with an 8-way dash
  • Slash enemies and obstacles using your handy Sord
  • Travel across the kingdom in over 5 environments in search for princesses to kiss
  • Tight controls that will never make you feel cheated when you die… and you will die… a lot!
  • Defeat each world’s Boss to rescue your princess and get a chance to kiss her! Turning into a prince not guaranteed

The idea for FROG SORD brew up when we were working on replicating Super Meat Boy’s controls. After we got something that felt just right, we planned to give the character one ability or tool to use in each one of the four face buttons. These actions were Jump, Sord, Grapnel and Block. After experimenting for a while we decided that the concept was fun, but too complex on the player side and also hard to design levels around. That’s when we started cutting down on buttons and ended up simply with a Jump and a Sord, hence our prototype name “Meat Ninja”. At this point, the game felt great but it was all too similar to Meat Boy and the addition of the Sord wasn’t innovative enough to be it’s own game. At that point, we decided to mess around with Dashing, a small 8-directional Dash, sort of like a double jump, that made our character more mobile and the overall gameplay became more enjoyable. After throwing around a few ideas and character concepts, we found out that it is very hard to come up with a memorable ninja-like character. A silly story brew up inside our designer’s head and Frog came to be, along with it’s world and mission. We scrapped the prototype and started from scratch, bringing aboard a couple new team members, one of them being our artist that has set up the tone and feel of the game, and we started development on August 2013. Frog Sord was announced on August 31st, 2013 and is currently being worked on every day by a dedicated team of people that want to create an enjoyable creative experience.

My contributions to the game were:

  • Produced a team of 6 people
  • Handled PR and marketing for MECH6
  • Planned and maintained a Microsoft Project sheet and assigned tasks to members
  • Contacted press and handed out builds from the game for playtesting purposes
  • Worked on level design and was involved in game design decisions

Download all screenshots as .zip (322KB)


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Zachary Bell
Level Designer
Alejandro Hitti
Level Designer
Ryan Swarner
Hunter Russel
Dylan Hanwright
Selected Articles

  • “FROG SORD Combines Super Meat Boy With Ninja Gaiden To A Gorgeous Result”
    Chris Priestman, IndieStatik

  • “Frog Sord is an action platformer that both looks and utilizes dashing”
    Anthony Swinnich, IndieGames

  • “Frog Sord is a charming pixel art platformer that handles wonderfully, with your little frog capable of some remarkable feats of precision platforming”
    Calum ‘Hairy’ Fraser, AlphaBetaGamer

  • “Watch Me Play FROG SORD, A Competent Mix Of Super Meat Boy And Dustforce”
    Chris Priestman, IndieStatik


Here is the link for the FROG SORD Alpha build.
Download FROG SORD Alpha (4.8 MB)