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INK is a fast-paced platformer about using colorful paint to uncover your surroundings.


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Based in Seattle, WA

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Release Date:
August 5th, 2015

PC and Mac through Steam.
Linux Version soon.
XBOX ONE, PS4 and Vita planned.



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INK has a similar feel to hardcore platformers like Super Meat Boy. The object of each level is to defeat all of the enemies in the room (if any) and reach the goal. However, the terrain is invisible to the player. The player can discover terrain by physically bumping into it, or by performing a double jump. The double jump sprays paint bullets out of the player and increases the player’s awareness of their surroundings. If the player happens to bump into spikes or falls to their death, paint will also shoot out from the player’s last position. The room isn’t wiped clean after death so that the player has an easier time navigating after multiple attempts!

This expanded Steam version includes new mechanics, Boss encounters to provide a nice challenge and a change of pace.


  • 75 platforming levels to test your skills
  • Defeat challenging Bosses!
  • Jump on enemies to open the exit portal
  • Explore levels by painting them with your double jump or, well, dying. Death has never been so useful!
  • Experience the game’s tight and responsive controls that don’t make you feel cheated if when you die

INK is a small project that Zack created after Ludum Dare 32 was over, since he wasn’t able to compete in the game jam. People responded positively to the prototype, so he kept developing it for three weeks and released it on, as well as released the source-code on the YoYo Games Marketplace. After talking to his old partner Alejandro, he decided to help him by making a trailer and putting he game up on Steam Greenlight. The outcome? INK was Greenlit by the community in only 19 days! After these great news, Zack decided to make the game “Pay-what-you-want” on and add more features and levels to the current game, and release the premium version on Steam. INK is set to release on Steam in Summer 2015.


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Zachary Bell
Alejandro Hitti
PR & Marketing
Vincent Rubinetti
SFX Designer
Fellipe Martins
Concept and Promo Art
Selected Articles

  • “There’s something beautiful about the act of creation, about just painting the universe with color.”
    Cassandra Khaw, Rock, Paper, Shotgun
  • “It’s almost as if the developer took Super Meat Boy’s blood trail and made a game specifically about that, in a world not unlike The Unfinished Swan’s.”
    Darren Nakamura, Destructoid
  • “Because playing a hard platformer sometimes just isn’t challenging enough when you can see, is it?”
    Joel Couture,
  • “INK is a Dastardly Mash-up of Super Meat Boy and The Unfinished Swan.”
    Brandon Orselli, Niche Gamer
  • “You learn from the world in INK like a painter discovers his canvas: with assured, yet curious strokes.”
Review Copy Request

If you want to talk about INK in your outlet and would like to get a review copy, simply send us an email at and we will get back to you. Preferably, email us from your outlet’s email address, or be prepared to provide some proof.