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Fast-paced adventure puzzle-platformer. Utilize III’s teleportation abilities and screen-wrap to smash baddies and solve puzzles!


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SUPER 91 Studios
Based in Seattle, WA

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PC, Mac & Linux confirmed.
PS4, Vita and XBox One plans.



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The game follows the story of an alien named III (Three) and his self-imposed mission to rescue survivors, post-war. The destruction brought on by war causes a 90% drop in all inhabitable land masses. This leaves chunks of land and ruin floating about space. III takes it upon himself to utilize his teleportation abilities for the powers of good. He plans on travelling the galaxy, rescuing survivors, and helping others along the way. However, The King, his servants, and many others believe that the survivors should be enslaved by the victors of war. It is up to YOU to prevent them from standing in III’s way!

SUPER III is an adventure game with an over-world and mission system similar to that of Super Mario 64. The over-world consists of several rooms filled with many portals. Each portal contains a level that has several missions to accomplish (including secret, undocumented missions) and new portals are turned on as the player collects batteries within the game. Batteries are rewarded after completing missions and can also be found in secret areas.


  • Lenghty campaign, featuring 100+ missions spanning 5 chapters. Can you collect all the batteries?
  • An additional 50+ hidden batteries to find
  • Action and puzzle segments that combine both teleportation and screen-wrap mechanics.
  • Defeat enemies blocking your way by teleporting through them, jumping on top of their heads or a combination of both!
  • Tight controls make moving through levels feel fun and rewarding
  • Set-piece Boss Fights will offer you the ultimate challenge!

While working on another game, Zack created the prototype of SUPER III for the IndieE3 GameJam. He later posted his progress on the TIGSource Forums and was very well received. After some consideration, he decided to switch his focus from the project he was working on and work on what later became SUPER III full time. He asked Hunter and Alejandro, his teammates from the other project, to join him, and they did. After a few more weeks, they decided they wanted to go the Crowdfunding route through Kickstarter. We later brought Temmie Chang into the team to do some concept art and the Artbook. Joel Corelitz had contacted us back in the day when we were still developing FROG SORD, so we gave him a shout and he was more than happy to join the team as well! We are currently thinking of getting our game into IGF in October and launching our Kickstarter campaign mid/late August 2014. The game will be released in Q2 of 2015.


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Zachary Bell
Lead Designer
Alejandro Hitti
Hunter Russel
Pixel Artist
Temmie Chang
Concept Artist
Joel Corelitz
Selected Articles

  • “Think Velocity-Ultra’s insta-shifting, combined with a dash of VVVVVV’s tower section.”
    Phil Savage, PC Gamer

  • “Games like Super III remind me that, no, I haven’t had enough pixel-art platformers yet and probably nevr will.”
    Jordan Devore, Destructoid

  • “Super III is super inspired by Super Meat Boy, Super Mario 64.”
    Megan Farokhmanesh, Polygon

  • “Personally I few up playing platformers with product placement like Zool, Cool Spot and Robocod, but his looks much better.”
    Graham Smith, Rock, Paper, Shotgun

  • “When you realize that the edge of the screen doesn’t stop you – it instead moves you to the other side of the screen – you’ll deal with problems in a new and interesting way..”
    Nathaniel Liles, CliQist

  • “…look at how physically satisfying its wall-jumping and teleportion appears, even without any art. Then look at how it looks when it does have art, and suddenly there’s a sense of a world to explore.”
    Graham Smith, Rock, Paper, Shotgun (DevLog Watch)

  • “Super III promises to blend challenging precision platforming with large expansive levels, a design choice inspired by games like Mario 64.”
    Christian Valentin, Indie Game Enthusiast


Here is the link for the SUPER III Alpha build.
Download SUPER III Alpha (3.2 MB)